Ring Tray Catchall

Ring Tray Catchall

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Hand forged from solid steel, finished in a masculine beeswax black, a perfect gift for him, or brushed steel, a perfect gift for her. These are perfect for keeping rings and other light jewelry safe from little hands and loss.

When he is out in the garage working on his classic car, fixing the mower to keep your yard looking nice, or building you a new kitchen table, get him the perfect ring dish to keep his fingers and his rings safe. It is never safe to work on machinery of any kind wearing rings or other light jewelry and this will keep it all safe.

When's she's cooking, clean, doing laundry, and in the bathroom, give her a place to keep that beautiful ring safe. She should never ware it sleeping, it loosens the diamond and its loss would be a serious blow. Keep one of these by her bed to keep that reminder of your love safe and sound.

Whether your the man in the kitchen or the garage, or the woman in the garage or kitchen buy these ring keepers now to keep your memories safe and sound. These are a gift perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and on valentine's day.

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