2 x Icicle Christmas Ornament

2 x Icicle Christmas Ornament


In striking brushed steel or beeswax black, these Icicle Christmas Ornaments will be the perfect addition to your holiday. Hand forged in the USA by Stone Fox Forge, each piece is hand hammered into shape giving every Icicle Christmas Ornament a unique textured finish. 

Quantity: 2

Approximate Dimensions: .375” x 5”

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Hand forged from solid steel, mesmerizing swirled shape, simple beauty. An ornament set apart from the rest. These hand forged spiral icicle ornaments will be the icing on the cake of any holiday Christmas tree. Strong enough to stand up to the cat, light enough to not tip your tree over. 

When you buy this ornament for friends and family, or splurge and get a few for yourself, you're buying an ornament that will stand the tests of time. They will set you and your loved ones tree apart from the plain, common holiday rabble. Choose from silver and black or mix and match to bring real delight you and yours.

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